Standard translations

Sworn translations

into English

40 zł / page

35 zł / page

into Polish

35 zł / page

25 zł / page

a calculation page contains

1800 characters including spaces

1125 characters including spaces

normally completed in:

2-3 days

1-2 days

Sworn translation rates are official and cannot be subject to negotiation. Quoting rules and current rates result from the Minister of Justice’s decision concerning sworn translators’ fees (Journal of the Laws No. 15, 2005, entry 131).


- Translation completed on the day of order (express rate): +100%

- Document formatting (for electronic documents): + up to 25%

- Specialised translations: rate like for a standard translation plus 25-50%, depending on how highly specialised the text is

Approximate rates for some typical documents – sworn translations

Driving licence

50-75 zł

Marriage act

70-100 zł

Student’s book (extract)

70-100 zł

Course completion certificate

70-100 zł

Vehicle registration certificate

50-75 zł

Certificate of title (extract)

75-100 zł

Birth certificate

70-100 zł

Contract of employment

150 zł

Non-standard orders

For large or non-standard translations, financial conditions and completion time are negotiated individually.

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