Standard translations

Sworn translations

into English

from 45 zł / page

from 40 zł / page

into Polish

from 35 zł / page

from 30 zł / page

a calculation page contains

1600 characters including spaces

1125 characters including spaces

normally completed in:

3-4 days

1-3 days

Quoting rules and current rates for sworn translations result from the Minister of Justice’s decision concerning sworn translators’ fees (Journal of the Laws No. 15, 2005, entry 131).


- Translation completed on the day of order (express rate): +100%

- Document formatting (for electronic documents): + up to 25%

- Specialised translations: rate like for a standard translation plus 25-50%, depending on how highly specialised the text is

Approximate rates for some typical documents – sworn translations

Certificate of Residence

80 zł

Marriage Certificate

80-120 zł

Certificate of Clean Criminal Record

120 zł

Birth Certificate

80-120 zł

Certificate of Income

60-90 zł

Vehicle Registration Certificate

90-120 zł

Work certificate

80 zł

Certificate of Title

90-120 zł

Non-standard orders

For large or non-standard translations, financial conditions and completion time are negotiated individually.

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